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Food & Beverage Processing

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While food and beverage facility managers and operators navigate the challenges outlined previously, they must find solutions that match the issues they face. Controls, Lighting, Electrical, and Network Infrastructure all have varying abilities to satisfy at least one of the food and beverage processing facilities’ challenges related to Industry 4.0, AI and IIOT, sustainability, safety and compliance, operational efficiency and supply chain management, as reflected in the below chart.

Exterior Areas

Exterior areas benefit from lighting to ensure worker and guest safety, efficient power for equipment and electrical vehicles with connectivity for access control and video surveillance.

Receiving Areas

Receiving areas demand precise lighting for clear visibility of incoming materials, supported by electrical power to operate transport equipment, enhanced with a network that allows connectivity for supply management and communication.

Preparation Areas

Preparation areas demand task-based lighting to drive concentration during inspection, robust power solutions for food prep equipment, with reliable network connectivity for critical supply chain operational activities.

Processing Areas

Processing areas are optimized with precise illumination for safe operations and comprehensive electrical services to manage IIoT technology, supplemented with network connectivity for streamlined communication and real-time data.

Labs and Testing Areas

Labs and testing areas call for precise lighting for clarity and efficiency with GFCI-protected power for safety and network reliability to support data transfer for laboratory services and equipment.

Refrigeration Rooms

Refrigeration rooms are equipped with energy-efficient lighting, power for OSHA-compliant watertight devices, and network connectivity that enables remote monitoring and management of temperature levels for optimal food storage conditions.

Office Areas

Office Areas are optimized with efficient lighting to enhance productivity, with appropriate network and power to support office equipment, work devices, and remote desk-based availability for permanent and visiting staff.

Packaging Rooms

Packaging Rooms require optimal lighting to perform packaging and shipping tasks, a heavy-duty code compliant electrical infrastructure to support packaging equipment, and seamless Wi-Fi connection for real-time data exchange.

Storage Areas

Storage Spaces call for NSF-rated lighting to ensure food storage compliance, resilient power in corrosive environments and network availability for real-time monitoring of storage conditions for efficient inventory management.


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Stay Informed with LEV Series!

LEV Series mechanical interlocks with Inform Technology offer remote monitoring via the Inform App that allows for 24/7 access to insights of all devices, such as:

  • Enclosure temperature
  • Enclosure humidity
  • Liquid accumulation
  • Line- and load-side voltage values
  • Ground continuity
  • Support materials

Keep sanitation top of mind so you don’t have to worry about FDA inspections

We know how important it is to improve plant sanitation with NSF certified products and protect equipment from water and corrosion.  We’re committed to helping food processing facilities increase electrical safety for facility managers and maintenance managers with OSHA lockout tagout compliant solutions. 

Our heavy-duty power connections keep automation processes flowing, keep out water and corrosion with IP69K ratings and feature OSHA LOTO accommodations for safety.

Trying to stay ahead of FDA inspections? Download our article below on 5 Ways to Rethink Equipment Design:

See where our products fit in your facility

We have a full offering of wiring devices designed for every aspect of the food processing environment. Click on the map below to see how our products help minimize downtime and keep safety top of mind.
Production Areas

Powerswitch Safety Disconnect Switches and Manual Motor Controllers are key to driving safe operations and maximizing uptime in these areas.

Processing Areas

Keep you electrical connection protected from washdown and corrosion with Wetguard Watertight Wiring Devices and IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve Devices so your equipment can continue to run without issue.

Packaging Areas

While packaging operations are becoming more and more automated, they still rely on heavy duty power connections like our Black & White Industrial Grade Plugs & Connectors with Wire Mesh Safety Grips to get the job done.

Distribution Areas

Warehouse and distribution areas combine machines, people and large amounts of product. Electrical safety products like Portable GFCI's and Portable Outlet Boxes can help keep product moving and personnel safe.

Administrative Areas

Office spaces and conference rooms using computer and telephone equipment require data solutions like DuraPort Industrial Connectivity and energy management solutions including Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors.

Food Service & Retail Areas

Lunchroom and retail areas need to be safe for employees and customers both by combating the spread of germs with Antimicrobial Treated Devices with reliable power quality supported by our Surge Protective Devices.

Our Watertight Devices in Action!

Watch how Leviton helped Gielow Pickles minimize downtime and improve productivity with watertight Powerswitch® Safety Disconnects Switches and LEV Series Mechanical Interlocks, all IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP69K rated for high-temperature, high-pressure washdowns.

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Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings Explained

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LEV Series
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