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Code Connection

Code compliance is critical!

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Whether you are an Electrical Contractor, Specification Engineer, Facility Manager or anyone working in the building trades, you need to be aware of the different Codes and Standards in effect in your area. Compliance mitigates the likelihood of failed inspections and costly rework while ultimately providing a safer work and living environment.

To help you understand and keep ahead of everything Code, Leviton has put together a suite of Code resources. Each identifies significant requirements along with expert analysis and appropriate solutions.
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2023, 2020, 2017 and 2014 National Electric Code Changes

Captain Code®

Keeping up with the National Electrical Code® is mission critical for Electrical Contractors and all electrical professionals. As the NEC® is revised every three years you need to know what changed, how it impacts your work and what the appropriate product solutions are for compliance. Starting with the 2023 Edition, Captain Code is published in Spanish as well as English.


About Changes to Electrical Equipment Maintenance Standards

What once were recommendations have now become mandatory equipment maintenance requirements.

NFPA 70B Maintenance Example
Electrical safety in the workplace example

Workplace Safety

Exposure to electricity is a serious, widespread occupational hazard that impacts workers in all job categories. In addition to death, workers endure electrical injuries from electric shock, arc-flash, and arc-blast. Recent data has shown progress in reducing the frequency of incidents, but the statistics remain grim.


Understanding The Health Care Facilities Code

Don’t risk confusion or mistakes that could impact patient, staff, and facility safety!

NFPA 99 Code Book and Hospital Room

Code-Related Mobile Applications from Leviton

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