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Maximum Productivity in All Areas

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We're proud to offer long-lasting, safety-driven solutions for maximum productivity in all areas of manufacturing. Whether your focus is production, processing,
or packaging, our full offering products and resources can benefit every area in your facility.


Lockout/Tagout Solutions

Lockout/tagout is consistently one of the top 10 cited OSHA violations year after year.  Our safety disconnect switches and manual motor controllers feature OSHA compliant solutions to aid in proper LOTO practices and procedures while keeping safety top of mind in any application.

lockout tag
lockout tag

Stay Informed with LEV Series!

LEV Series mechanical interlocks with Inform Technology offer remote monitoring via the Inform App that allows for 24/7 access to insights of all devices, such as:

  • Enclosure temperature
  • Enclosure humidity
  • Liquid accumulation
  • Line- and load-side voltage values
  • Ground continuity
  • Support materials

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