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Secure, Simple, Scalable Distributed LED Lighting Control Solutions


Confidently design and specify secure, simple and scalable distributed commercial fluorescent or LED lighting control systems with GreenMAX Distributed Room Controls (DRC) Wired or Wireless room controller/LED controller solutions. Our commercial lighting control systems allow for easy installation and operation while simplifying scalability for virtually any application. GreenMAX Distributed Room Controls (DRC) is a fluorescent or LED controller that integrates the Sapphire™ Touch Screen for a configurable user interface or GreenMAX Relay Lighting Control Panels for additional LED control capabilities. This will change the way you design commercial LED lighting control systems.

GreenMAX DRC Wired

GreenMAX DRC is fully encrypted, allowing for secure communication and control. Implement a plug-and-play, Category 6, RJ45 hardwired digital network or wireless mesh system. All fully configurable from the GreenMAX DRC App.

GreenMAX DRC wired

GreenMAX DRC Wireless

The GreenMAX DRC Wireless Keypad Room Controller brings Leviton wireless devices and Intellect™-enabled fluorescent or LED fixtures into the system. Add wireless load controls for switching, 0-10V dimming, and phase cut dimming as well as wireless occupancy sensors and wireless photocells. All fully configurable from the GreenMAX DRC App.

GreenMAX DRC wireless

GreenMAX DRC Design Guide

Keypads, Room Controllers, LED Controllers, Touch Screen Lighting Control, Occupancy Sensors, Dimmers, Gateways, Interfaces, Apps, Enclosures. Learn how to put it all together.

GreenMAX DRC design guide

Room Controller Devices for Wired Lighting Control Applications

Load Control Devices for Wired Lighting Control Applications

Load Control Devices for Wired Lighting Control Applications Continued

Networking Devices for Wired Lighting Control Applications

Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors for Wired Lighting Control Applications

User Interfaces for Wired Lighting Control Applications

Din Rail Enclosures for Wired Lighting Control Applications

Room Controller Devices for Wireless Lighting Control Applications

Load Control Devices for Wireless Lighting Control Applications

Load Control Devices for Wireless Lighting Control Applications Continued

Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors for Wireless Lighting Control Applications

Leviton LED Lighting Fixtures

Leviton LED Lighting Fixtures are available in troffers and linears. These fixtures can be integrated with in-fixture controls such as Solo or Intellect Wireless. These integrated fixtures are ideal for retrofits and new construction by offering design build contractors an all-in-one solution that can be shipped directly to the job site saving on time, wiring, and energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sapphire can be used to control any light in the system. A Sapphire can be placed at one location controlling lights in another space; i.e. in a hospital at a nurse’s station controlling lights in patient rooms).

Simple control of shades can use the 0-10V Smart Pack to trigger contact closure input of a shade control system indicating open/close or preset status. Other more advanced methods using multiple contact closures, alternate forms of signals or direct Mechoshade interface can be provided as needed. Contact Leviton Controls Quotations to facilitate a system design.

Yes, the AI can be used to interface to any 24V occupancy sensor or 0-10V analog photocell. In addition, the device can receive a contact closure to trigger channels, groups, act as a security or fire alarm system interface, or trigger a load shed response from a demand response interface.

GreenMAX DRC Keypads (DRKDN) are used for manual room control.

The GreenMAX DRC Room Control System uses AES 128 encryption on both wireless networks. There is no open communication; it is all secured encryption.

GreenMAX Relay Panels can be used in a GreenMAX DRC Room Control System. Note that those Relays, when configuring, will be put in a behavior that tells the panel to do nothing with them other than let them be controlled from across the network. The GreenMAX DRC Room Controllers will be in charge of those relays and the NPU will just ignore them. The Relays will look like Smart Packs to the GreenMAX DRC system.

Yes; however, they are independent systems. A GreenMAX HDU will be used to program the GreenMAX Relay Panel and the GreenMAX DRC App to program the GreenMAX DRC Room Control System. Even if they are on the same LumaCAN cable, they operate as two independent systems. GreenMAX is commonly used for panel scheduling for applications such as landscaping and hallway lighting, and GreenMAX DRC is used for rooms that don’t have crossover with the other applications.

This works best when each controller is fully in charge of its own applications and they do not co-mingle, which becomes confusing. Note that there is no particular benefit to running GreenMAX and GreenMAX DRC on the same LumaCAN network, except in the case of having a Sapphire Touchscreen front-end controlling the entire building.

Connect all of the Room Controllers via the App and network via WiFi.

BACnet is used for control from BMS and LumaGraphics interfaces. The NP00G is the BACnet interface for the GreenMAX DRC Room Control System, which is a LumaCAN to BACnet interface. Add that solution to the network, and then the system has an IP connection going out to the BACnet network. The system shows up to the BACnet network with every load (sensor/button) as an analog input that gets full exposure to the network. Every group of 250 LumaCAN nodes has a BACnet interface to the system.

Network addresses have to be set at the dip switches. Channels can be set from anywhere on the network.

The only action that happens is the load turns on.

As a general rule, no. It results in negative performance for all systems as a result of having two WiFi networks in a facility. It is a standard Ethernet and WiFi best practice to create segmented networks. For example, in facilities that offer guest WiFi access. Every time you log in to that guest network, it forms a network that is separate from every other guest network in a building. Users cannot see or talk to one another, but they are on the same WiFi system.

All components are UL2043 Plenum Rated as appropriate to their application. To meet some local requirements, such as Chicago Plenum, installation into a metal enclosure may be required. See the Technical Article for more information.

GreenMAX DRC Wired Lighting Control Downloads

GreenMAX DRC Wireless Lighting Control Downloads


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